Deshka guest house

Deshka guesthouseis situated in the southern slopes of the Rila Mountains with a wonderful view of Pirin and Rodopi mountain. Deshka house offers accommodation for 14 people in double or triple rooms. In the cozy dining room with fireplace you can enjoy home-made delicious meals like "sui chushchi," "kapama" and "burek". Besides you can enjoy a local mini-museum of cultural heritage.

Additional Info

  • Address:
    46 Parva Str.
    2797 Gorno Draglishte, Bulgaria
  • Phone:
    +359886 436 708
  • Accommodation:
    7 double rooms
  • Hotel facilities and services:
    Dining room with fireplace
    Winter garden
    Craft workshop
    Conference hall
  • Activities:
    Folklore dancing and singing
    Weaving workshops
    Cooking workshop
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