Banitsa festival in Razlog

Banitsa festival turns Razlog into the most delicious destination in Bulgaria. One should definitely be part of the festival and also try at least 10 different types of banitsa – sweet or salty.

Banitsa festival is dedicated to one of the most traditional meals in Bulgaria – banitsa. And … the most delicious banitsa is here … in Razlog!

The variety of sweet and salty banitsa here is uncountable – banitsa with egg, cheese and butter; banitsa with leek and cheese; banitsa with cheese and spinach; banitsa with sauerkraut and rice; banitsa with manna croup; banitsa with yellow cheese; empty banitsa; banitsa with walnuts, Turkish delight and cacao; banitsa with Turkish delight; banitsa with Turkish delight and apples; banitsa with homemade cream and chocolate; tikvenik (banitsa with pumpkin).

Women with experience in rolling out the pastry and cooking banitsa show their skills and subtlety in preparing delicious banitsa. They demonstrate how to prepare the dough, how to roll out the pastry and then how to arrange the products in order to be ready to make your own banitsa at the time you go home.

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