Razlog – ancient and eternal. An exciting journey

  • Duration

3 days with activities, 2 nights

  • Seasonality

The package can be realized all year round. Most appropriate season: spring, summer and autumn

  • Target groups

The package is aimed at Bulgarian and foreign tourists, interested in the rich history of the region.

  • Pre-conditioning

The package is suitable for small and large groups of all ages. No need of special equipment or skills of the participants. Historical lectures are conducted by appointment


Day 1

Arrival and hotel accommodation in Razlog

Visit to the historical museum – Razlog

Visit to the 'Holy Annunciation of Virgin Mary' Church in the town of Razlog

Lunch in a typical restaurant (mehana) with traditional cuisine

Walk in the park of Razlog

Visit to the tourist site Ancient Solar Calendar

Dinner with folklore program


Day 2


Transfer to the village of Banya

Arriving in Banya. Visit of the tourist site 'Old baths in the Razlog area'

Transfer to the village of Gorno Draglishte

Arriving in 'Deshka' guest house


Transfer to the village of Dobarsko

Visit to the 'St. st. Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat' Church

Meeting with 'Dobarski babi' (Dobarsko's grandmothers) folk group

Walk to 'Shtrokaloto' waterfall

Transfer to the hotel



Day 3


Visit to Pirin golf with opportunities of golf training



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