Jump back in time „Explore Razlog in traditional costume“

Unique tour that will make you jump back in time for two hours during which you will walk through the past, present and future of Razlog.

  • Seasonality

The package can be realized all year round.

  • Target groups

The package is aimed at Bulgarian and foreign tourists, interested in preserved traditions, customs and their representation from local people

  • Pre-conditioning

The package is suitable for small and large groups of all ages


Explore Razlog in traditional costume - expression of the Bulgarian spirit and traditions, preserved through the centuries. You will be carried away in a world where the values and virtues of the Christianity faith are combined; world in which the traditional costume is highly respected. The costume is not only an object and symbol; it’s sacred as the home sanctuary, the fireplace, the earth and the temple.

The basic colors of the Bulgarian costume are white, red and black. The symbolism of the white is associated with the purity and innocence, holiness and generosity. The red is the color of the blood, the sun, life and the masculinity; and the black color is connected with the ancient beliefs and cults of the Mother Goddess, the earth and fertility.

The magic of costumes is in the harmony of its patterns - embroidery and appliques, which emanates from them; in the glitter of goldthread, coins, sequins and beads that adorn clothing; in the unusual shapes portrayed by edgings.

Note: The package can be realized upon request.

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