Tevno Lake - the heart of Pirin Mountain

GPS coordinates: 41.69942, 23.48321

Altitude: 2515m
Location: Northern Pirin

One of the symbols of the majestic Pirin Mountain and goal for many tourists is located about 2515m above sea level - Tevno Lake. Whether you visit the Pirin Mountain the winter or summer; you will always admire the amazing beauty of Tevno Lake and the area in which it is located.

Tevno Lake lies on a terraced plateau at the foot of Momin Dvor and Valyavishki chukar peaks. It is the highest and the largest of the lake group in Belemeto circus, which has over 30 small lakes, located on southeast. The name "Tevno" comes from the word "dark" - spoken in the local dialect. Its area is 65 acres and the depth - only 4m. The Lake is the source of Mozgovitsa River, where you can find the small shelter, named after the lake.

The area is an ideal start point for the beautiful Momin Dvor (30 min.), Kralev Dvor (45 min.), Zhangala (1 hr. 15 min.) and Kamenitsa (2 hrs. 30 min.) peaks. Viewed from the northwest side of the lake on the slopes of Valyavishki Chukar reveals one of the most beautiful scenery in Pirin - the reflected in the deep blue waters peaks - Momin Dvor, Kralev Dvor, Little Kamenitsa, Kamenitsa and Kamenishka Kukla.

The path to the lake is marked, start points for the lake are: Begovitsa (Kamenitsa) hut (3 hrs, yellow marking), Bezbog hut (4 hrs, green marking and then by Samodivski lakes and through the Left Kraledvorska Porta), Pirin hut (3 hrs.30 min, red marking), Vihren hut (6hrs, red marking through Bashliyska and Mozgovishka Porti (gates)), Demyanitsa hut (3 hrs, blue marking to Mozgovishka Porta (gate) and then take the red marking) and Spano pole shelter (3 hrs. 30 min, orange marking to Bashliyska river, green marking when passing Chairski Lakes circus until you get to Prevala and then red marking through Mozgovishka Porta). During the winter partial stake marking leads to Tevno Lake as start points are: Begovitsa (Kamenitsa) and Demyanitsa huts; trespassing the region of Mozgovishka Porta in the winter requires specific winter equipment.

Next to the lake you find Tevno lake shelter, where you can get hot food and warm bed, having an unforgettable night high in the mountains, close to the stars, surrounded by the majestic peaks. The shelter is massive 2-storey building with 30 beds. There are tourist kitchen and dining room. It is electrified with aggregate; drinking water from a spring, the toilets are outside. It is open all year round. The shelter is part of the European route E-4.

Once you come here, you will always come back again!

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