Spa temptations

SPA and Wellness temptations in the comfort of Pirin mountain

Bulgaria is the country with most mineral springs in the world after Iceland. Until now almost 600 mineral springs have been found and studies, from them 80% have healing properties and temperature of the water from 20 to 101°C. A big part of the mineral springs in Bulgaria originate from large depths which is a guarantee for their pureness.

The territory of Destination Razlog is also rich of mineral springs.  More than 80 spring, gushing from the earth with different temperatures are concentrated on its small territory. Thermal waters of Razlog, Banya, Bachevo and Eleshnitsa are great healing agent for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, respiratory organs, digestion system, etc.               

The abundance of water resources predisposes offering wide range of treatments that pamper the body and soul. Except for the comfort of luxury hotels in the region, you can enjoy the beauty of our magnificent nature.       

Escape from the big city and busy daily routine and head to "Destination Razlog." Relax and enjoy the world of spa experiences. Indulge in spa treatments, spoil your senses and say goodbye to the stress.



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