Ethnographic–historical museum – Banya

GPS coordinates: N 41.882168, E 23.525498

The ethnographic-historical museum is situated on the second floor in the building of the Club of the retired. In it the visitors can find out about the traditions, culture, everyday living and the rich historical past of the village of Banya.

One can see the archaeological remains of dishes from the 11th century B.C., traces of the Celts, the gravestones from the Ottoman rule, as well as pottery and other stuff used in everyday household. Below are garments and works typical for Banya; small place is separated for the cycle of producing flax –widely used from the people in the village.

The museum is impressive with the rich photo gallery showing famous people born in Banya or with parents/grandparents born here as Neofit Rilski, the families of Venedikovi (who had two generals and five professors in the family) and Strashimirovi, Ivan Slavkov (Bateto), Svetla Daskalova, eminent priests, writers, painters, researchers. All this makes the museum in Banya a desired place for visits from students and citizens of the village and the region, tourists from Bulgaria and abroad.

In the museum one can learn a lot about the life and deed of Vasil Levski; about his visit in Banya during his second tour around the country in 1869.

The museum is open every Tuesday from 4 p.m till 6 p.m. and every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. or upon request.



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