Horseback riding in the mountains

Nothing can be compared with the pleasure of riding in the mountains - mountain slopes, fresh air, beautiful sceneries,easy moves of the horses or fast galloping through green meadows, clear streams and the song of birds.So do not miss to give yourself different emotion with one of the most faithful companions of man since time immemorial - the horse.

Today everybody can feel the power, agility, grace and speed of a horse, only by visiting one of the many horse riding bases in the municipality of Razlog. We encourage you - if you have never ridden a horse by now -to take a few lessons for beginners on the arena. For the more advanced, there are courses for sports and extreme horse riding. There is an option for part-time riding in the Forest of Rila Mountain near the village of Bachevo invaried terrainandpassingvarious obstacles- rivers, fallen trees, up-and downside hills, etc.; going to places with beautiful views towards Pirin and the Rhodopes (Lobarnika, Marenchini blata, Perivol).

With more free time one can take part in some of the organized trekking between 1 and 5-6 days, such as:       

- From Perivol area over the village of Bachevo towards the region of Dobarsko hut and the village of Dobarsko and back;

- From Perivol passing Rusaliite area via the ridge of Rila mountain and Radonov Grob peak and back;

- From Perivol to Predela in the lower foothills of the Rila and back;

- From Perivol in the valley to hut Yavorov (1740m) and back.

For the disadvantaged people is the hippo therapy, assisted by a ramp and special machine for the disabled. The horse movements improve the position of the head and body as well as overall coordination. It has been shown that horse riding is at least four times more beneficial than conventional massage or exercise.

The guests of the horse riding bases can have incredible experience by trying even one of the activities when they are here:

“PeriVolas” is situated in the village of Bachevo, 6km from Razlog in the beautiful area of “Perivol”, whose name means “beautiful garden”. The base has an all year round activities. In the summer - from the beginning of May till the end of September - the programs are being made in “Perivol” area a few km from Bachevo in the heart of beautiful Rila Mountain. In the winter the horses go down in the village and the walks and riding are in the fields towards the gorgeous Pirin Mountain. After the ride or walk one can enjoy homemade meals.

2769 Bachevo, Bulgaria

Tel: 00359 888 151966 – Ivan Nakov

00359 885 930188 – Petar Nakov

00359 885 520162 – Maria Tumbeva

“Rusaliite” club is situated 2km from Bachevo in the area of “Strane”. The base has 15 horses: purebred Arabian, Anglo-Arabian, East Bulgarian, pinto (spotted).

2769 Bachevo, Bulgaria

28 Alexander Stamboliiski Str.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel.: 00359 888 243935; 00359 887 139331

The horse riding base “Dvorene” is situated in the area of the same name in the outskirts of Razlog. The largest herd of Haflingers in Bulgaria is grown here.

2760 Razlog, Bulgaria

30 Gotse Delchev Str.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel.: 00359 878 752460; 00359 878 752461; 00359 878 752462

Horse riding club “Vicora” offers a place, where one can have active fun in the company of the horses. This is what one can do here: riding, training, touring, meeting beautiful world of the horses in their natural habitat amongst beautiful sceneries. Seductive attraction where one will learn about the different breeds of horses, their way of life and nature.

2778 Banya, Bulgaria

Tel.: 00359 878 706149


The earliest information that horses were used as saddle animals is dated from 1600 B.C. and was found in Egypt. The first written record for the horse was created in 1400 BC. and was about the horse training in chariots.

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