Мoto-delta gliding

The flight with moto-delta glider is one of the most exciting offers in Razlog comparable only with the flight of the bird.

The flight starts from a small ground outside Razlog used for takeoffs and landing of moto-delta gliders. Use this incredible opportunity to fly in the region of Razlog valley over the nearby peaks of Pirin and Rila mountains. The instructor - Ilia Valkanov, practices paragliding for over 10 years and for 5 years flies with moto-delta glider with more than 2000 flights.

It is not necessary to have special skills or physical training but strong enough desire. For tourists who touch this feeling for a while it leaves unforgettable memories. For others it becomes a passion and they return to it again and again, in attempt to feel the adrenaline waves one more time.

The flight with moto-delta glider is suitable for all the people who want to fly, to feel the wind and the freedom up in the sky.

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