Mountain biking

You should not go around the area without your favorite bike. Of course, if you left it at home, you can always rent one.

The boys from the cycling club “Fast pedals” in Razlog and the cycling club in Eleshnitsa often make tours to and from Yavorov hut (1740m), to the Rila slopes over the village of Bachevo and Perivol area, to the chapel over the village of Godlevo and after that towards the fishpond over the village of Dobarsko and Dobarsko hut. There is marked and maintained route from the village of Godlevo to the Rila Monastery.

You won’t regret it, if you decide to go mountain biking or you tour Razlog and the surrounding areas by bike. There are special routes for longer bike tours mapped and with GPS maps made from Iskar Tour, but not specially marked yet. You can orientate using the signs and indications of place, but it is much better if using GPS navigation.

Route No 1: “Ponderosa” – length 42km, total uphill 740m, total rise – 9%, downhill – 8%, very difficult.

We start from Predela (1135m) in direction to Rila Mountain and Byalata Voda area. We pass under “Armaneto” and reach “Zareva cheshma” in the northeastern part. From there to the east and down over “Katarino” area. Then we can go down to Razlog or go up to “Meziiski katak” in the direction of “Djerdjeva skala” (to northeast). The route makes a big turn around “Avramov kamak” and “Obrashte” (1420m) and then goes west until it reaches Perivolska River. Then, following the flow of the river, cycle east to reach the village of Bachevo. From there cycle to the town of Razlog, through it passing Golyama Livada and Gladno Pole areas and then to Bansko, where one reach the finish line.

Route No 2: “Hitra Dama” = “Clever Lady” – length 24km, total uphill 335m, rise – 7%, downhill – 12%, difficult.

It goes through the lands between Bansko and Banya - passing “Babina Glava” area (1115m) towards the village of Banya and back to Bansko through “Vazela”.

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